EC Sand Sculptures

On June the 12th several European sandsculptors will compete in the European Championship Sandsculpture festival in Zandvoort aan Zee. Huge statues will occur on different locations in Zandvoort aan Zee. Because the sand on Zandvoort Beach cannot be used for the sculptures, over 200.000 kg special sand will be distributed over the Badhuisplein, the Favaugeplein, the […]

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Ferris Wheel ‘The View’

From September 1st to September 24th, the 55 meter high Ferris Wheel ‘The View’ offers a spectacular view from Badhuisplein over Zandvoort and surroundings. Children: € 4.- Adults: € 6.-

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DNRT Racing Days 2

The DNRT Racing Days bring plenty of motorsport to Zandvoort. The motorsport series of the DNRT Amateur Racing organisation will be responsible for the motorsport spectacle. Dates: 23-24 september: DNRT Racing Days 2 14-15 october: DNRT Finals

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Op zaterdag 23 september organiseert Muziekfestival Zandvoort voor de vijfde keer een Oktoberfest. En nu niet meteen roepen: “Oktoberfest in september?” Ja, het traditionele Münchner Oktoberfest begint op de 1e zaterdag na 15 september en eindigt op de 1e zondag in oktober. Ook dit jaar zal de muziek de boventoon voeren met daarnaast alles wat men […]

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The ‘Jutters-kofferbakmarkt’ is a car boot sale that is being organised for the fifth time this year. Trough the years it has become a really fun and cosey event with many returning standers and guests. You are most welcome to come and see for yourself.

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Shanty and Sea Song Festival

Shanties are mainly work songs sung on board the big sailships.

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Kunstkracht 17

Kunstkracht 17 of the association of Visual Artists Zandvoort (BKZ) will take place this 7th and 8th of October. This year it is a overview exhibition of its members and a number of guest exhibitors. The location is not yet known.

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Join the big final of the motorsport season, where race series will see their champions crowned and drivers battle for the final points. Prepare yourself for a fantastic season ending with races with Formula cars, touringcars and powerfull race trucks. Check the website for more information about the program and tickets.

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Choir Day Zandvoort

Check for more information about the program, theme and tickets the following website: www.zingenaanzee.nl.

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Comedy Night

Zandvoort laughs, open mic, comedy night Several comedians consisting of established names and emerging talent will tell new jokes and try out! Forget the gym and get your abs workout on the comedy nights at the Amsterdam Beach Hotel.

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